The only way a client can truly know that a business partner is there for them, and can be relied upon to look after assets, is through experience working together. Overcoming challenges and accomplishing goals are key to establishing trust.

Here's what our clients have to say about us:


Board President

“I'm emotional remembering all we went through… T&C did so much to help us. We were steps away from bankruptcy due to the lack of prior guidance. … I sleep well at night now knowing we are being managed professionally by the best company out there. You took us from a very bad situation and made our community financially healthy and a real community again. And, somehow you manage to bring a personal touch to everything you do, even when it is collecting money owed to us. …We came so far in such a short time with the professionalism of Towne & Country. Choosing them was one of the best decisions we made for our community.”


Resident, East Hanover

“...For an owner to personally take the time to come out and straighten out a bad situation shows how much you care about your clients… You truly are one of the nicest people I have ever met. You can diffuse a bad situation in a second and turn it around to make everyone feel comfortable by the time you are finished talking. You even manage to make everyone smile. I know management companies hear a lot of bad but T&C is so good; we talk at the pool how lucky we were to have your company manage us.” [From a thank-you note to Ginger]


Resident, Somerset

“I have lived here for 20 years, and we have had many management companies but none like yours.  My neighbors agree too that you are wonderful. …  I really appreciate the efforts and just wanted to let you know we are so happy to have your firm manage our community.”



“The contractor that T&C sent to my house for the roof leak was wonderful. He said that the new gutters that were installed under the prior management’s tenure were pitched the wrong way (just as you suspected). …Thanks again for your quick and terrific response and turnaround time. I have lived here for 15 years and we have never had a management company like your firm (and we have had a lot of them). Every single owner loves T&C!”


Board Member, Poets Corner

“Our auditors love our accounting records because of Lisa’s expertise, and more importantly, we are one of the very few associations with large capital reserve and investments – all because of Lisa and Ginger’s guidance. …Ginger is excellent with handling the homeowner who is never satisfied.   It is rare that an owner of a company will take the time to call a resident to try to intervene and resolve an issue when the resident does not like what the board or manager is telling them! She has a calming way about her and can quickly access what is actually a priority that she and her company need to follow-up on. I am forever thankful that we are contracted with them because it means ‘I’ no longer need to remind management what their job is, to continue to update and argue about follow-up lists, paying vendors, etc. I would highly recommend Towne & Country Management to your community.”

Nancy and Hank

Williamsburg Square, Hillsborough Township

“I don’t think [our community] has ever had such an awesome management company and professional board of directors!... this group is very goal directed and works well together… Ginger, YOU are the BEST! Your company has brought many great gifts of knowledge to [us]. Keep up the great work and most of all ‘your strong determination’ to demand only the best for the communities you provide services to.”


Homeowner, Castle Ridge

"Within five minutes of conversation with Ms. Ginger Pitaccio, it became readily apparent that the people at T&C had a wealth of experience and expertise. They took the time to listen to us, they knew the answers, and they proposed varying solutions to all of our issues. Equally important, they were patient, kind and respectful.... T&C was there for us, always responsive and insightful. … NO matter the issue—whether relating to dryer vents or master bylaws provisions – Ginger, Lisa and the rest of the T&C team will exert diligence and make sense of things, always maintaining their honest and friendly manner. I, for one, could not ask for more than that. Accordingly, I heartily recommend the great people at T&C.” (more…)